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The Day After



Experience an immersive online business program that helps you build a resilient organization in times of chaos

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  • Senior business executive? 
  • Change management leader?

Want to ensure your organization thrives even in a completely new environment? The Day After is a transformational path for leaders who want to become game changers and to build resilient organizations adept to functioning in turbulent times.



Detox your management and leadership style

Understand the unique challenges of our time

Become a game changer: Imagine and design your scenario for the future

Become a wiser leader and person by working with three layers of modernity: personal, interpersonal and environmental

Create, update, validate, and future-proof your business model

Build a resilient organization adept at living in chaos and join a coalition of new-world leaders

The Day After program includes a set of 21 empirically validated skills that build cognitive and emotional fitness, strength of character, and strong relationships that globally can be qualified as wisdom. Each skill targets one or more of the following resilience competencies and business skills necessary for organizational leaders today.


A cohort of experts and leaders that value collaboration and knowledge exchange

Ronen Hoffman
Academician, a former member of Knesset and a social-educational entrepreneur. Founder of Camp Kimama. Former member of Israel’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee as well as the chairman of the sub-committee on Foreign Affairs and Public Diplomacy. International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) Co-Founder.
John Parr
PCM & PTM Certifying Master Trainer, Certified Transactional Analyst. Specializes in designing tailor-made training solutions for companies. Has served on many international committees, past Chair of the ITA, Past Vice-President of the ITAA and a co-Chair of ITAA Ethics Committee. Founder of Transactional Analysis Community in Romania, the author the latest PCM book «Parlez-vous Personality».
Victoria Mikhailova
Consultant and coach on strategy, leadership, partnership. Process Communication Model and Emotional Assertiveness Master Trainer, French Foreign Trade Advisor, EO member. Lecturer at HEC Paris & Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Sensemakers Co-Founder & Director
Gor Nakhapetyan
Strategy & communication consultant. Serial entrepreneur. Professor Emeritus of Skolkovo Business School. Co-Founder of Friends Charity Foundation. Sensemakers Partner & Co-Founder.
Philippe Sandt
Founder of IMPACTIVE – brings to clients tailormade solutions to foster their growth. Has an extensive experience as an international senior executive in Colgate-Palmolive, Nike, Tag-Heuer. His activities as a business angel and a consultant have convinced him that a large number of SMEs have a formidable growth potential that needs to be unlocked.
Ruslan Yusufov
Founder and Managing Partner at MINDSMITH – IT and cyber security consulting company. The official speaker of TEDx.Speaker at Skolkovo, Kingston University, MACS and other business schools. Member of the UN meeting in Vienna.
Igor Ivchenko
CEO GamesUp42 holding, Managing partner ITGV, CFO at Embria internet holding, business advisor, founder of “Krepkiy Oreshek” training company, ex-member of “Mozgoboynya” advisory board, private investor. Certified Process Communication Model trainer.

Empowered by our blended ONLINE educational methodology

A visionary curriculum delivered online through our virtual platform that helps you to transfer and implement the business framework in your own reality



Validate your most burning business idea so you can implement right away with confidence


Surround yourself with like-minded leaders that are working on their next business chapter, so you can apply proven solutions from other industries


Learn what separates real game changers from the rest 


Get recognized as a crucial part of your organization's business success


Understand the challenges of our time
  • New paradigms and how they are rooted in the past 
  • Change drivers: Technology, lifespan, climate change and vision of humanity 
  • Scenarios of the future
Become a game changer
  • Imagine and design your future scenario 
  • Implement game changer habits 
  • Update and align your personal and corporate strategy
Become a wiser leader and person
  • Self-cognition and self-management 
  • Dealing with distress and scripts - solve unfinished issues Improve communication and elevate compassion
  • Improve communication and elevate compassion
Detox your leadership style
  • Crystalize critical skills and mindset
  • Implement deep motivation practices
  • Use emotional assertiveness for team development
Build a resilient organization adept at living in chaos
  • Strengthen fundamentals and get rid of organizational viruses
  • Design new ways to manage assets, resources, people, relationships
  • Use rebel-thinking and principles of design
  • Unleash your rollout plan
Join a coalition of new-world leaders
  • Choose your community
  • Learn, teach, promote in peer organizations


Our pedagogy leans on both tangible and intangible aspects of the human being and organizational psychology for enhancing the healthspan and the wisdom of your business. This highly experiential program includes a variety of practical learning methodologies. Participants have extensive opportunities to learn by doing, where they practice resilience skills and receive feedback from instructors in real-life situations. World renowned guest speakers share their practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise.


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